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Are you afraid to trim your pet's nails? Have clipped the quick of the nail before? We bet your poor pooch didn't like that! We'd like to introduce the all-new pain-free pet clipper!

This innovative device comes with a magnifying lens that highlights the quick so you can see what you're doing. You'll always know the safe place to clip!

Our super bright LED light illuminates your pet's nail so you can easily spot the quick. This prevents accidental cuts and pinches. Not only is there a built-in light but the rzor is super sharp,

This allows you to get a clean cut in one clip. Your pet's clipped nails are swiftly caught in the built-in trapper. No nails flying all over the place! FEATURES:

  • SAFE - Designed to protect your pet from "over-trimming" with a built-in guard
  • VETERINARIAN APPROVED - Two professional veterinarians created these clippers and use them on their own pet and clients
  • EASY TO USE - Non-slip, ergonomic, rubber handles help you keep a comfortable grip on these lightweight clippers